Scientific Name: 
Emberiza citrinella

16 cm, 27 g. Sparrow-sized mainly yellow bird of open country with reddish-brown upperparts, streaked darker; rufous rump and white outer tail feathers. Adult male has bright yellow head and underparts, head lightly marked brown on crown and on sides of face; cinnamon wash across breast, and pale yellow flanks. Adult female duller and paler yellow, more heavily marked brown on head, and breast band greyish green. Juvenile and immature even paler yellow or pale buff, heavily streaked, but still with rufous rump. Hops on ground when feeding, often with crouched posture. Outside breeding season, often form flocks on weed-infested crops and where hay has been scattered. Male song is rendered ''little bit of bread and no cheese''. Call a ringing metallic ''tink'', or ''twick''. Habitat: Open country from sea level to subalpine, especially arable farmland or rough pasture with scattered scrub. Breeding: Oct-Mar.

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