Maori Name: 
Scientific Name: 
Prosthemadera novaeseelandiae

30 cm; Male 120 g, Female 90 g. Dark bird with two white throat tufts, or poi. Looks black in dull light, but hasgreen, bluish-puvpleand bronze iridescent sheen, backand flanks dark reddish brown; a lacy collar of filamentous white feathers on neck; white wingbar; slightly decurved black bill and strong black legs. Sexes alike. Juvenile dull slate black with glossy wings and tail, greyish-white throat, lacks tufts. Energetic and acrobatic while feeding in trees on nectar and fruit. In flight, round wings with white shoulder patches; long broad tail; noisy whirring flight between short glides. Song has rich fluid melodic notes (often repeated) mixed with coughs, clicks, grunts and wheezes; varies regionally. Habitat: Native forest and scrub, farmland with kowhai, gums and flax, parks and gardens. Breeding: Sep-Feb.

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