Scientific Name: 
Sturnus vulgaris

21 cm, 85 g. Short-taileddark bird with waddling jerky walk. Breeding adult glossy black with purple sheen on head and breast; dark green sheen and buff spangling on wings and abdomen; pointed yellow bill, bluish base in male, pinkish in female. Nonbreeding head and body spotted buff and white; bill dark. Juvenile smooth greybrown, throat paler; bill dark. Flight fast and direct, often in largeco-ordinated flocks. Distinctlv pointed triangular wings Large winter roosts; flocks converge at dusk and disperse at dawn. Feeds on ground by jabbing bill into soil. Noisy; call a descending whistle: ''cheeoo''; song, a rambling collection of clicks, rattles, warbles and gargles, interspersed with musical whistles. A good mimic. Habitat: Farmland, orchards, parks, gardens, city streets, forest margins and beaches. Breeding: Oct-Jan.

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