Spur-winged Plover

Scientific Name: 
Vanellus miles

38 cm; male 370 g, female 350 g. Conspicuous noisy large plover. Black crown, hindneck andshoulders in front of bend of wing; smooth brown back and wings; white rump andtail tipped black. White underparts; wings have dark trailing edge. Yellowfacial patch, wattlesand bill; legs and feet reddish. Spur on bend of wing usually hidden. Juvenile has small wattles, and feathers on upperparts are narrowly edged black and buff. Flies with slow deliberate beats of rounded wings. Call a loud staccato rattle: ''kerr-kickki-ki-ki''. Habitat: Farmland, rough grassland, wetland margins and estuaries. Breeding: Jun-Dec.

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