Song Thrush

Scientific Name: 
Turdus philomelos

23 cm, 70 g. Warm brown above, buff-white below, with breast boldly spotted dark brown. Bill yellowish brown with yellow gape; legs pinkish brown. Sexes alike. Juvenile similar but more yellowish buff, spotted and streaked paler above and smaller spots below; bill dark brown with prominent yellow gape. Feeds mostly on the ground, where it hops and runs. Hammers snails open on a regular ''anvil''. Song a loud string of repeated clear-cut musical phrases, each separated by a brief pause: ''chittychoo chitty-choo, oo-eee oo-eee . . .'' Song perch usually high and conspicuous. Habitat: Forest, scrub, farmland with scattered trees or hedges, orchards, parks and gardens. Breeding: Aug-Feb.

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