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Scientific Name: 
Petroica australis

18 cm, 35 g. Inquisitive and confiding dark slaty-grey forest bird with long thin legs and an upright stance. Male (North I ) is dark, almost black, except for white spot above bill, pale greyish-white lower breast and belly; black feathers have pale shaft streaks,and so very faintly streaked upperparts; wings dark brownish black. Female and juvenile (NorthI) similar, but greyer with variable paler patches on breast and throat. Male (South I) has dark grey upperparts and upper chest, distinctly divided from yellowish-white lower chest and belly; flanks variably greyish; white spot above bill; wings dark brownish black. Female and juvenile (South I) similar, usually greyer on breast with variable whitish patches. Stewart I birds have similar patterns to North I. Perches on a low trunk or branch and flies to feed on the forestfloor; hops about and sometimes trembles one leg to induce prey to surface. Male song loud clear and sustained string of phrases, usually descending and including ''pwee-pwee-pwee'' phrases; varies regionally. Call a soft ''chirp''. Habitat: Native and exotic forest, sometimes tall scrub. Breeding: Jul-Jan.

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