Maori Name: 
Scientific Name: 
Acanthisitta chloris

8 cm; Male 6 g, Female 7 g. NZ''s smallest bird. Rounded wings; very short stumpy tail; bill fine and slightly upturned. Male bright yellow-green above, green on rump; female streaked dark and light brown above, brownish yellow on rump. Both whitish below, conspicuous white eyebrow stripe, and yellowish flanks. Immature like female but streaked on breast. Feeds by working its way up trees and shrubs, flicking wings and exploring bark and lichen of trunks, branches and leaves. Call a very highpitched sharp repeated ''zipt'', beyond the hearing range of some people. Habitat: Native forest and scrub; favours beech and tawa forest. Some in exotic forest, gorse and willows, especially in South I. Breeding: Sep-Feb.

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