Maori Name: 
Scientific Name: 
Callaeas cinerea

38 cm, 230 g. Large dark bluish-grey bird with a black facial mask, short strongly arched black bill, long black legs, long tail and rounded wings. North Island adult has blue wattles; South lsland adult has orange wattles. Juvenile has smaller pinkish wattles, smaller facial mask, and dull brown wash in plumage. Leaps around in trees and takes short flights, never sustained for long. More often heard than seen. Calls mostly at dawn; song is a slow string of very loud rich mournful organ-like notes. Habitat: Mainly tall podocarp hardwood forest in North Island, Little Barrier, Tiritiri Matangi and Kapiti lsland; formerly beech and mixed forest in South and Stewart ls, probably extinct. Breeding: Oct—Mar.

North Is. Kokako: 
North Is. Kokako